GP26 (Grand Prix 26)

Возможность участия в гонке без гандикапа и пересчета дает отличный шанс экипажу яхты на достижение высокого результата, проявив свои знания, опыт и способности яхтсменов – «как финишировал, такой и результат». Что касается работы дизайнера, то появляется возможность создания быстрой лодки без работы, связанной с подгонкой под правила, как это было в IMS, это действительно интересно и удивительно.

Правила класса:

The GP26 is one of three level class boats regulated by the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC), an international organization promoting rating rules. The intent is to provide a design envelope or “Box Rule” in which a variety of similar yachts can compete boat for boat. There is no handicapping system in this rule, so there is no motivation to lower a handicap by purposely designing poor boats. This rule was inspired in part by the success of the Trans-Pac 52 rule developed here on the west coast of America. Ironically, there are no TP52’s out here any more, but they have met with enthusiasm on the European grand-prix circuit. This led the ORC to develop the GP box rule.

The GP rule has three level classes, separated by length to meet every expected economic stratum. The materials of construction are also mandated to allow the rule to exist without

Sail Plan — GP26
Min. Max. Description


Length Overall
MB 2.200 2.550 Maximum Beam
DSPW 1000 1100 Displacement as Weighted
DHKM 1.900 Maximum Draft
FFM 0.920 1.000 Freeboard Forward
FMD 0.730 0.810 Freeboard at Max. Draft
FAM 0.730 0.810 Freeboard Aft
KW 450 500 Keel Weight
KWC 430 480 Keel Weight with carbon fin
KTHU 0.065 Keel Thickness — Upper
KTHM 0.060 Keel Thickness — Mid
KTHL 0.055 Keel Thickness — Lower
KBW 0.395 Keel Bulb Transverse Width
KBWT 375 445 Keel Bulb Weight
P 9.900 Mainsail Hoist
IG 9.250 Height of Genoa Hoist
ISP 11.150 Height of Spinnaker Hoist
BAS 1.150 1.250 Boom Above Sheerline
MWT 45.0 Mast Weigth
MCG 3.000 Mast Centre of Gravity
MDT1 0.072 Max. Transverse Mast
MDL1 0.125 0.150 Max. Fore-and-Aft Mast
MDT2 0.7*MDT1 Min. Transverse Mast
MDL2 0.7*MDT2 Min. Fore-and-Aft Mast
TL 1.900 Taper Length
GOA 0.400 Backstay Gantry Overhang
CPW 1.800 Chainplate Width
E 3.850 Mainsail Foot
BD 0.192 Boom Diameter
J 2.900 Foretriangle Base
TPS 4.800 Tacking Point of Spinnaker
FSP 0.054 Forestay Perpendicular
HB 0.20 Mainsail Top Width
MGT 1.00 Mainsail 7/8 Width
MGU 1.70 Mainsail 3/4 Width
MGM 2.65 Mainsail 1/2 Width
MGL 3.35 Mainsail 1/4 Width
LPG 3.10 Jib Perpendicular
JGU 0.85 Jib 3/4 Width
JGM 1.60 Jib 1/2 Width
AMG 7.10 Asymmetric Spinnaker Mid Girth
ASL 12.50 Asymmetric Spinnaker Luff/leech

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getting into the dreaded cost wars. The rule promotes fairly conventional yachts with functional and complete interiors. This prevents the construction of “disposable” race boats that are good for only one season. These yachts should enjoy several seasons of competitiveness before being put out to pasture. The yachts will enjoy a long life of fine sailing and accommodation due to the style of the rule.

This yacht complies with the GP26 level rule. While it is the smallest of the classes, it offers the competitive yachtsmen the experience of owning a custom yacht but with the least damage to the wallet. Many have compared this class to the numerous one designs available. I believe this is a mistake. One designs offer the thrill of boat for boat racing at a lower cost than the level class rules. While this is fine, the fact is that you spent a significant amount of money to own the very same boat as the next guy. That’s a lot of money to spend on something everyone else owns. This class allows an owner to spend approximately fifty percent more for the yacht, but have boat for boat racing in a custom yacht competing at the same venues as the TP52’s, GP42’s etc… The cost of competition is also a fraction of the TP52’s with lower equipment costs, crew costs and shipping costs (they’re containerable!).

Given a little time, I have every expectation that this class will resonate with the competitive yachtsman looking for an affordable investment in the world of grand prix racing. The long term life of this rule and value of the yachts it promotes looks great due to the rule’s encouragement of performance and accommodations.

So I invite you to give it thought. The link to the ORC is here. Check it out and if you don’t find what you like here, by all means give a call and let’s chat. I’m sure we can come up with something your heart desires, your wallet can swallow and competition can envy. Thanks for visiting.